DFC Hosts First Discovery Flight Event

DREAMFLIGHT CHARITIES recently hosted their first discovery flight event, proudly welcoming students from both the Boyle County and Danville School systems. Participating students are also enrolled in the AOPA ground schools at their respective schools.

The day including a brief introduction on the part of instructors from Wings Flight Training, who graciously gave of their time and resources for the event. Certified Flight Instructors Meng Chhor and Kelly Wilhite utilized two of the flight school’s Cessna 172’s, leading students on a three legged trip between Danville, Bardstown, and Campbellsville. Students rotated at each stop for an opportunity at the controls. Following the discovery flight event, students were presented with the opportunity to apply for DFC’s Flight Training Scholarship program.

It is the hopes and goal of the board of directors to connect the community at large with Kentucky’s ever-growing world of aviation. This includes providing unique discovery flight experiences for youth, while encouraging a passion for aviation through the DFC Flight Training Scholarship Program. Future goals include partnering with local school systems, aiding in the development of STEM programs that promote the viability of careers within the aviation industry.

While the organization is not accepting financial gifts at this time, potential supporters may make a pledge of support in which DFC will follow-up following the approval of their non-profit status anticipated for the fourth quarter of 2021. The initial phase of development for the charity includes providing free flight training (up to student solo) for 2-3 students in the fall of 2021.

For more information about DREAMFLIGHT CHARITIES, Inc., please contact director Drew Underwood at 270.849.5765 or send a message here.