Scholarships Awarded for Fall 2021 Season

The exciting world of aviation has become even more accessible to students from both Danville and Boyle County High Schools. Participants from both school’s aviation programs participated in a discovery flight event hosted by Dream Flight Charities during the spring, with the invitation to apply for a flight training scholarship through the charity.

Students selected for the opportunity include Joshua Blackwell from Boyle County High School, as well as Rafael Angel and Jackson Erwin from Danville High School. Following an extensive application review, students were selected based upon their interest in the aviation industry, along with recommendations stemming from their community service activity. All three students participated in a student orientation event on Saturday, September 11th, with training to begin in the coming weeks.

Dream Flight Charities is a developing non-profit that seeks to help students achieve their dreams both within and outside of the cockpit, enabling Kentuckiana’s youth through a shared passion for all things aviation related, along with a commitment to making a positive impact in local communities that will last a lifetime. Formed during the earlier part of 2021, the organization is awaiting non-profit designation from the IRS, from which point the group determines to pursue funding to continue removing barriers from Kentucky’s growing aviation community.

“While these students will be learning to manage and pilot aircraft, our charity hopes to make an impact in the lives of our state’s youth in a more wholistic way,” says charity director, Drew Underwood. “We truly believe that the milestone this opportunity presents to students will help them dream bigger and overcome the many additional hurdles that are an inevitable part of life.”

In addition to their ground and flight school experience, selected students for the fall training season will also participate in a financial stewardship course. “We’re looking to connect with other like-minded organizations and volunteers, operating as a hub of sorts that will connect students with resources and encouragement that will carry on beyond the cockpit,” Underwood continued.

While the charity provides the financial backing for students, Wings Flight Training will be working to facilitate the actual training for students in the coming weeks. Based in Danville, Kentucky, Wings Flight Training has provided affordable flight training for years and has been known for their compassion towards the community and its youth. Over the years, the flight school has grown to include additional training locations in Lexington, Bardstown, and Campbellsville.

“We hope to extend opportunities like this to students throughout the Commonwealth,” says Underwood. “Through our relationship with Wings Flight Training and other partnerships that are developing as we speak; we believe that we can change the face of aviation in Kentucky.”

More information about Dream Flight Charities can be found through their website at, or by calling 270.849.5765. For information regarding Wings Flight Training, visit or call 859.401.2861.