Drew Underwood

Executive Director

Drew has over 16+ years of experience working with non-profit organizations that have impacted communities on the local level. Combined with his marketing experience, Drew helps oversee DREAMFLIGHT‘s day-today operations and corporate partnerships.

Andres Martinez

Board Member

Andres has overseen financial operations for numerous businesses over the years, now serving as Vice President and CFO of Wings Flight Training. Serving as our Treasurer Pro Tem, Andres helps us oversee resources that contribute to our ability to impact the lives of Kentucky’s youth.

Mark Treesh

Board Treasurer

Mark is a man of many talents and has worn numerous hats over the years, from serving formerly as State Representative to his current role with the Insurance Institute of Kentucky. Mark has been instrumental in helping us better advocate for aviation within the state!

Jason Cullen

Board Member

Rounding out our board is Jason Cullen from Danville! Jason is a local entrepreneur and public servant who also helps our organization engage and encourage support from local donors. Jason is a private pilot with a passion for seeing others participate in our state’s growing aviation community.

Adrian Reynolds

Board Chair

Serving as CEO of one of Kentucky’s rapidly growing flight schools, Adrian helps manage connections with other businesses within Kentucky’s aviation industry while also contributing to DREAMFLIGHT‘s discovery flights and training programs.

Shelby Peel

Board Secretary

Shelby has served the Transportation Cabinet for 16+ years and currently serves the Kentucky Department of Aviation as Assistant to the Commissioner. Shelby serves as DREAMFLIGHT‘s Secretary and Governmental Relations Liaison.

Bob Rowland

Board Member

Bob brings a wealth of knowledge in helping our organization connect with school districts and their educators. Having served as Superintendent for the Danville area, Bob helps us evaluate our programs and services to ensure that they are a low burden on school staff while providing unique opportunities for our local students.

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